07 July, 2011

Working it Out

I had posted yesterday on the great progress Max was making and then, I got the news. Max had diarrhoea on the recently reupholstered couch. I pulled the post down.

Why he poops there, I don't know. If Zeetie has diarrhoea, she poops on a throw rug and then covers it up with the rug.

Feeding EPI dogs is a learning curve. I know what I should do and then I don't do it. I push the envelope by feeding him more in one feed and then this happens. I need to feed Max 4 small meals a day. I must mix the enzymes well into room temperature raw along with warm water and let it incubate at room temperature for a least half an hour.

I've joined the EPI Yahoo Group. What a great source of information. These are all people who have EPI dogs and share what works and doesn't work for them.

I'm amazed by raw. It just makes so much sense. The human and animal make ups were never meant to process artificial ingredients so why do we keep putting it into our dog's bodies (as for our bodies, we know better)? Convenience and less expensive if your dog does well on it. However, for dogs who are having health issues, in the long run, you'll save money on vet bills.

Let me say here that as far as convenience, all I do for raw for Zeetie is take it out the night before to thaw, weigh it out in the morning and then simply watch her relish it and look at me in disbelief that she didn't have to steal this off the counter.

There is so little output compared to a big input. Zeetie and Max each get about 1.5 pounds a day and so far, have only pooped once a day and it's three smallish formations (compared to what is was with kibble at twice a day in large amounts) of a lovely texture and absolutely no soft stuff until the setback yesterday. I was pretty excited because Max kept having a solid stool followed by very soft stool and in large amounts over a three week period while on a grain-free kibble with the enzymes. His body wasn't retaining enough from the food.

Eric Wadge has been great and very helpful. He certainly does his research and takes the time to talk to me. He finds out where the dogs are at and makes suggestions. I can't see ever going back to kibble.

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