04 July, 2011

Gone Raw

Max put on some noticeable weight (due to added enzymes to a grain-free kibble) while we were gone but still pooped too much. Started solid but ended soft. I started them both on raw. They both had some liquid diarrhoea for a day, of course. It was never urgent but just pooped during our walks as usual. I didn't feed them the following morning to give their guts a break and started them on it again. It might take a little bit to have their bodies adjust to this huge change.

Max' poop was lovely except for the usual softness near the end the next day. I'm told that this can be normal until his body adjusts to a new diet and to try him on a proprebiotic. If not, I'll have his B12 checked.

Zeetie also had a perfect poop and half the amount. Her scratching has also begun to dissipate especially in her ears. Apparently, it can happen that fast but takes a little longer with more serious allergies as the kibble ingredients work their way out of their systems. I'm so happy to have them on raw, finally.

As for our hiking and camping travels, Zeetie was a star. She didn't even get seasick on the six hour ferry.

She slept like a log every night between us on the air mattress and was an attraction everywhere we went. A lot of people who were touring dogless couldn't get enough of her as they missed their companions left at home. At one visitor's centre, the staff ladies just fawned over her and Zeetz soaked it all in.

Ms. Zeetz was a trooper on the trails but her feet took a beating on the rocky terrain sections. She enjoyed her travels but was also happy to get home.

Mackey was happy to see us but had also bonded with his caregiver, which I was happy to see. I know he was well-looked after and loved. We have a dog-sitter for him, now. We just need someone for Zeetie.
They makes these benches too high.

What a trip!

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