16 June, 2011

How is he doing?

Max is doing better. There is so much information out there. One site I like is this one: epidogs

I've joined an EPI (Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficieny) yahoo group to learn more about what is happening to Max and what I need to do to get him on track. This group is comprised of people who have EPI dogs, who have found vets who have worked with EPI dogs before and who are willing to learn from people with EPI dogs.

Some dogs on the group have a reading of cTLI 1.5. Max was just below 5 probably, had I fasted him correctly so he is better than a lot of dogs.

I've learned that the Pancrease V enzymes he takes must be 'incubated' and mixed in with hot water before being eaten for at least 30 minutes. Otherwise, you have a dog with a mouthful of sores. And no, the enzymes do not eat the food as was told to me.

Max should also have a SIBO test (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is treated with 30 days of antibiotics) as well as a B12 and folate depletion test (treated with B12 injections). On our return when he is to be tested again for EPI.

It's better to feed 3 and 4 times a day but that isn't going to happen at the moment. I'll see how he does. It should also be a grain-free diet. I've upped him to two cups a meal so double the enzymes.

Clara was always fine on kibble and she lived to a ripe age of 13 but she was my perfect Pyr. Now, I have rescues who had very poor starts in life. A raw diet will give them the help they need. The freezer is full and waiting until we get back. I'm counting on Zeetie's itching going away, as well.

I'm also looking to find a better deal on enzymes through this group.

This update won't pertain to most of you so it won't hold much interest.


Mel Battison said...

Aww, Max! I really wish dogs could talk and tell us where they don't feel good.

If you do continue with the raw diet, let me know.

I'm very back and forth about what to feed these guys. Halladay was on Fromm until he started gaining weight, so the vet wanted him on diet food. We switched him to diet food and he puked all the time, so back on Fromm he went, but with a decrease in food. He always seemed hungry, so we added fruits and veggies and he was good, except he was pooing all the time. All the time!

Since then he's lost weight because of more activity (thanks to Wookie!) and so we increased his kibble and cut back on the veggies. Probably a very bad mistake, because now his poo is .. gross.

Several people in Ottawa are saying much the same about their own dog's poo right now, so I don't know if there's something going around, or if Halladay just isn't doing well with full fledge kibble now. Boiled chicken and rice started this morning.

In any case - let me know what you think about the raw food! I'd much rather get them on something *good* than.. kibble.

Donna said...


It is so worth trying raw. Mine both had liquid diarrhoea for a day but they were never desperate to get outside but did it during their regular walks. And, it was only a small amount as their bodies adjusted. They both have wonderful poop now except Max on the tail end of his...I think something was overlooked in his testing. Have to go back to vet.

For Max' big problem, I had no choice in my mind. My vet thinks otherwise but strangely, vets have no clue about foods and keep trying to sell me the medi-cal crap. Have you looked at those ingredients? I once asked my vet about a medi-cal food he was trying to sell me for allergies for Zeetie. I asked him if it worked and he said he didn't know. I'm not kidding.

Feeding kibble, in my mind, is like us eating processed foods all the time. Now, many dogs do well on it so that's good. But, when a dog starts having all sorts of issues, to me, raw is the way to go. At least, worth a try. I have never heard bad things about it.

I'm very excited they are on it, Mel. I've been waiting for so long and this guy at Barker's Brunch is great.