08 June, 2011

Solid Poop

After one email with the nutritionist, I have decided to fly solo and see what happens. It's getting too costly. If my way doesn't work, I will turn back to the nutritionist.

Max has had solid poops (not perfect poop but not runny either) since the rice and fish/boiled beef diet. I have bitten the bullet and ordered raw from a local supplier. I had a long talk with him. He buys from small, local farms and the meat is antibiotic and hormone free. It's also government inspected.

I'm anxious to see how Max does on this. Zeetie will go raw, as well, once we return from our trip.

Cross your fingers for me. I've been wanting to go raw for years and am finally doing it as of Sunday when the meat is delivered. I so hope this works.

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