07 June, 2011

Pancreas Malfunction

There you have it. He has to go on enzymes to help him digest his food for the rest of his life. It's sprinkled on his food. It's not recommended I feed raw because his body would have a hard time digesting it. He should go on a puppy kibble high in protein and fat. Well, I'm consulting with a nutritionist on all these things.

His level read 5.8 which is probably a misreading because I did the faux pas of feeding him at 06h30 and his vet appointment was at 15h15 for blood work plus I fed him two treats in the vet's office. Dah. He is probably under 5 because his pancreas was working to digest that food plus the treats. A normal reading for him would be 10.

Poor little man. However, he had another solid poop this morning. Mmm...

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