07 June, 2011

It's all in the poop so they're going to a raw diet.

Max in Lebanon. He has a little more meat on him here.
Max has been losing weight since he got here. He has been tested and treated for all worms and parasites. I thought putting him on a higher protein food would work. It didn't. I'm very concerned. His appetite is good, his coat is shiney and he runs like the, well, turbluent wind. So what is the problem?

I did some internet research (a little knowledge can be dangerous) and he may have panreatic failure (Dr. Murray had said that would be the next test if he still had issues). He is a candidate for pancreas malfunction. He is ravenous, eats well but only loses weight and, his poop is like a cow patty. It's not been good since he arrived here. Until results come in, he is on a low/no fat diet. He went right onto boiled rice with fish/boiled chicken/boiled beef.

Then, off to the vet to have blood tests to check the functioning of his pancreas. He went from 47.5 pounds to 43.5.

I thought he was thin only because he was so active but really, he has become a rib cage with hip bones. That's it. But now for the good news. For the first time since he arrived, he had a solid stool this morning. Yah!! Finally, my internet research paid off until I could get him into Dr. Murray.

I will be feeding both dogs raw once I get a freezer. This will probably fix Zeetie's itchy problems and Max' issues. They also will not have tartar build up on their teeth. I can't wait!!
Max in Canada
Max is a 45 pound lap dog and loves it

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Anonymous said...

My dog had some serious issues with poor bowel movements.
I took her to Dr. Eddy Beltran. He is fantastic...all problems are solved.
Best of luck with marvelous Max!