30 May, 2011

Mackey and the Great Glebe Garage Sale

We filled the car with our treasures and headed downtown to join the dog rescue at the Great Glebe Garage Sale. The streets were starting to fill up slowly as I placed Max' bed on a tarp under the canopy where he would be protected from rains that might pass through.

It was an extremely busy day as all sorts of people looked for bargains. Max slowly figured out that I was staying in the area so he could relax on his bed. He found a new young human friend who lay on his bed with him and petted him thoroughly. He was in heaven, his eyes closed and his head held high.

There seemed to be more interest in Max than in the wares at some points through the day. He could have been adopted six times over and sold for a high price too : ) Someone even had their picture taken with him.

Garage sales are a lot of work for the resulting donations but every bit is appreciated, still.

It has been decided that Max will stay behind while we head out camping for two weeks. The hiking terrain will be too much for the little guy. Although he is very agile on many terrains, I'm not sure how safe this would be for him.

Poor little man. I thought he had things figured out on our walks. He follows Zeetz through the bush and they check in now and again. I usually have to wait for them when I get back to the parking lot. If Max comes in first, we wait for Zeetie. If Zeetie comes in first, we have to go look for Max. The first time on this walk, Max sat on the trail whimpering, not sure what to do until I found him. The next time, he came in. The last time, we had to look for him. Max had ended up turning back whence we had come, as evidenced by unmistakable footprints in the mud. We had to walk all the way back around the trail and there he was, waiting at the car. He was so happy to see us, kissing Zeetz and doing a happy dance.


Mel Battison said...

It was nice to finally meet you! :]

Donna said...

Only just saw this comment, Mel. It was great to meet you last year, too, finally! My email has become snail mail for me or I guess I'm the snail.