18 May, 2011

Carting in the Rain

It was a dark and stormy night... no, it was an overcast and rainy morning as Zeetz and I packed up her cart and headed out to the clinic. The morning session was held indoors so in we squeezed amongst many Berners and others. As long as I kept Zeetz directed forward, there was no problem. It was only when a dog wormed its way into Zeetie's face that she growled and attempted a lunge, of course. I was usually otherwise engaged in conversation when this happened.

By the end of the day, Zeetie was lying in close quarters to many dogs, even touching them and there were no problems, as long as they didn't make eye contact. She was even on her back, legs splayed waiting for bellyrubs.

If we could have gone for a walk with all of them, she would have been friends with all of them.

We have a goal now and that is to start Zeets' working for charity. Competition doesn't appeal to me, anymore. We have much training ahead but I'm confident Zeetie will come to like pulling and because she loves kids, it may make it quite fun for her.

Mackey stayed at a friend's place overnight and for the day while we were at the clinic. I know he was probably very spoiled. However, he barked the night away at strange noises so he wasn't that popular but he is so darn cute. My little Monkey.

As life settles down with our two sweeties so will the stories. I won't be blogging as much, I don't think. I also recommend following this blog Vet Rescue if you aren't already.

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