08 May, 2011

The Thongster

Oh, Trickster. How he loves unlaundered panties. His real human came over for dinner. She informed us that Trickster had been coughing, throwing up and had diarrhoea. Poor little guy kept us up all night, too. I then had a phone call from Don later in the day asking me if I had a pair of blue cotton thong panties. Ah, no, I do not and I would think you would know that.

It turns out that is what our little pumpkinhead finally threw up in an agonizing-looking contortion of hacking. Please, keep those panties well-away from your panty-loving dogs. This could have been serious but we're lucky it finally worked its way out. And even better, they were all in one piece.

Those panties did not go to waste, however. It seems they were quite expensive and nothing a little laundering wouldn't fix. Like any thrifty owner of expensive thong panties, they are now back in use.

Our heroic dogs caught a baby bunny. We think Zeetz thought it was a squeaky toy because that's what the poor little thing was doing. Her mouth had to be opened to have her drop the baby. It hopped away worse for wear.

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