27 April, 2011

Let the Sun Shine for Max

Don had taken the tarp off the canoe and there it lay, folded at the end of the driveway. Monkey wasted no time in laying his skinny little body on it and wiggling and rubbing around on the heat of it and then snuggling in for some shut eye. It was the closest to the heat of Lebanon he is going to get until mother nature comes around to summer!

Poor little guy has had soft stools since he has come here. He came out clean as far as parasites and worms (as was expected as he had to be thoroughly vetted to come here). Now I'm working to find a solution for him. He's on boiled burger and rice for the moment. I took him back in last evening after we came home to a house full of diarrhoea. Dr. Murray gave him a shot to cover both tapeworms and then pills to get rid of anything else that couldn't be found in his stool tests. The poor little monkey needs to put some weight on and I'm feeling very bad for him. Here's to the drugs doing the trick.
We made a trip to the cottage to rake leaves and burn some papers.
My beautiful tired Zeetie.
Having a good play.

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