21 April, 2011

Case in Point

Zeetie, in her fear of them, is extremely defensive when new dogs are around. Case in point. She was carting past a house when a dog in a truck with an open window started some wicked barking. On a leash walk, Zeetie would have lunged and barked in defence. But, because of the restriction of the harness and cart, she immediately bolted away, tail glued between her back legs. Poor Zeetz was heaving as I stopped her. It'll take some work but we'll get there.

I received Max' vaccination papers. They have a birth date for him of April 6, 2008. They work that out by the date he comes into the shelter and what they guess his age is. And, we decided to adopt him on April 6, 2011. What a strange coincidence.

Max is just wonderful and Zeetie loves him. He is faster than Zeetz even with three legs. I tried another company k-9orthotics but they, too, are unable to do anything for Max due to the level of amputation. The only thing anyone can do is when he starts to have problems due to the strain on his body, they can make a brace for the good leg to give him some support. In the meantime, our little Monkey Max whips around like a whirlwind, and is faster than Zeetie.

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