11 April, 2011

Five Cubic Yards

It's ironic. I just ordered five yards of topsoil yet five yards of top soil, amongst other things, is what went down the bathtub drain. We groomed, bathed and groomed the three sweeties. We were going to go to the Glebe dog wash but at $5.00 for six minutes, we decided to put up with a dirty tub.

I just love seeing Zeetie so, so white, and Mackey lost his brown tinge so he is a lovely, shiney black now. Trickster is very fluffy and mostly, they all smell unlike dogs for the moment. Then, we went walking at the cottage in the rain. Isn't that what you do with freshly bathed dogs?

While walking down the cottage road, a family who had met Max on our previous visit asked if he had been adopted. They then said they had gone to our cottage on our previous visit with Max but couldn't find us. Apparently, their son had decided he wanted to adopt Max. I have a photo of them with Max and you could see how gentle they were with him. They really liked him. I guess some things aren't meant to be. I feel so lucky to have the little guy.

It's not always easy getting a group photo.
Out at the farm, there was some dumb squirrel. He was running around in the middle of the field...mmmm. Mackey and Zeetz worked as a team and Zeetz killed him. Zeetz' recall level isn't that high yet so I didn't have much say.

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