07 April, 2011

Max has been adopted!

It would have been very sad to see him leave us because he is such a good little monkey, doesn't take up much space, requires little grooming, learns quickly, has great recall, is good with people and other dogs, loves the car, has a tongue that can catch flies and most of all, plays well with Zeetz. So, yes, Don agreed we could adopt him. I'm very excited that he'll be with us for his life.

One family came to meet him before we decided to adopt him. They quite obviously loved dogs and the children were very good with Max. We took Max for a little walk and I passed the leash to the boy. As soon as I moved away from Max, he froze, tail between his legs and stared at me. He is terrified of children and I already knew that but wasn't sure how much. As long as an adult is right there, he seems okay.

I really wanted another Pyr but it came down to not being able to look after it properly. I have two long coats to groom now and I love to groom. I just wouldn't have had time for a third coat, unfortunately. I do want to do other things in my life.

Sadly, we won't be fostering, at least, for now. We'll need a bigger home first!

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