29 March, 2011

It's Bunny Season

She is really looking like a Pyr now as she patiently awaits the hog to move away from his hole. I didn't have the patience to wait that long. Sorry, Zeetz.

Max cuddles up with his toy.
I wasn't looking forward to having to say that Max had run off in a panic.

Our walk in the bush proved slightly stressful but after having had Pyrs, I've learned to stay calm. Mac took off after Zeetz. He doesn't usually follow for long but being dark out and him with no light, I couldn't even see my feet. I called but no Mac. I kept calling as I walked further up to a cross path and out came Zeetz but no Mac. I knew Mac had to be in a panic right now so I walked back, calling all the while. Still no Mac.

I figured he had to have headed home and, he knew the way well enough. I was also counting on him not being the panic-type who just ran silly. At the Farm, he knows to go to the car as the walk nears the end. I was counting on these smarts. I had my usual plan of getting home, telling Don to watch for him, then into the car following our walking route and back to the bush.

However, it wasn't necessary. As we rounded the corner to the house, I could see the sensor light was on in the driveway and there Max was. He had to have really hoofed it to get home in such a short period of time. Poor little guy. He did a big happy dance as did I. Oh, Mackey, maybe you have a little Pyr in you.

He is such a cutie. Everything he does is even cuter because he is so small (compared to Zeetz, that is). He is such a quick learner. As soon as he knows we're going for a walk, he plants his butt on the ground so fast. I do a little training on our walks, too, for the down. It's coming along.

My only issue with Max is he will growl when one of the other two go near him when he has settled in for a sleep. This is sort of fine but not when he is on our bed and Zeetie wants to get up. She backs off and this isn't right so, a little work on that and I hope all should be fine. Max has to learn that Zeetie and Trickster can go where they want and he must share.

Note from Max: I peed on Zeetie's head today. Her head was dripping. I really didn't mean to but I can't control my aim, really, as it's difficult trying to balance.

Hanging out in the warmth of the sun and airing bits.
April Fool. Zeetz didn't return home with us from our morning walk. I know rabbits are running rampant now so this would explain it. I made three trips back down to the bush and in the area but no Zeetz. This was unusual. Then Don and I drove down and she was heading back in the direction of the bush. However, there were people walking on the street and I think she was headed for them. When she gets stupid tired, my Pyrs search out humans to get them home. I was very happy to see my girl as she was to see us.

Zeetz is doing really well at passing by other dogs on leash and not reacting as badly as she used to. I just need to remind her to ignore the other dog and she will turn her head away or, if she is a little more afraid, she will turn to me for treats. Occasionally, she will growl but no more lunging and going crazy. Even Don has noticed it when he walks her. A big thank you to my trainers!

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Mel Battison said...

Snoopy used to growl at Halladay when Halladay got too close to him while he was sleeping. Five months later, Snoopy now searches for Halladay and plops down beside him for naps.

Max probably just needs to get used to sharing his space and eventually he'll understand that nothing bad is going to happen to him while he snoozes.