25 March, 2011

Max has been Posted

Don calls him Lizard Tongue and how apt a name is that for the little guy. Holy smokes he's fast with it so watch out. I think he'll be catching bugs easily this summer.

Zeetie and he are crazy together. They goof around whenever the mood hits them. Tug-of-war, bitey-face, tearing around and pinning each other down, and I'm sure, jumping on the counter but we've learned to keep it clear. I've put pot lids on it, too, so if they do jump, they will think twice the next time because those lids will make a lot of noise when they land.

He's very funny when he's curled up on his bed, though. He growls a warning whenever a dog goes to pass by. I think he's just really grumpy at being awoken. Does that sound like anyone you know?

We take them wherever we go when feasible. Max seems to prefer the front seat, sometimes. He's so adorable as we share that seat. He loves looking out the window, gazing about. I know it's not safe and I don't like seeing dogs in the front seat but I couldn't help it. I will discourage it from now on.

He so loves dinner time. I feed Zeetz and Mac apart. Two rescue dogs who have been starved in their past lives are survivors and are not about to share their food.

He is such an easy dog to have around.

I've been thinking about his three legs and think that it would be nice to have a prosthesis for him. I'll talk to Pawsability about the plausiblity of it.


Mel Battison said...

You must be getting a ton of inquiries about him!

Donna said...
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