20 March, 2011

A Sunny Sunday

We headed to the cottage today with our three sweeties. Zeetz and Trickster in the back seat and, Max on my lap in the front. We took a long walk across the lake, our last for the season I'm sure, and through the bush. Zeetie was in her glory following, unbeknowst to her, in Clara's footsteps. Zeetz checked in now and again before she would gallop off after more glorious scents. Max did pretty well in following her for a bit but then came right back. Trickster, as always, stayed right with us.

Max is a great dog. He is so easy. He eats all his food and I hope he will soon put on another five pounds. He loves to be brushed, comes when he's called, loves hiking, loves car rides, loves people and the list goes on. He looks tall in his photos but he's not. He's 23 inches at the shoulder so he is shorter than Zeetz.

I almost forgot Zeetie's story. We went on our long morning walk yesterday. Zeetie went barrelling after a groundhog. Back into its hole it went after a long run through the field. She lay outside that hole, not a hair moved. She has more patience than Clara did although Clara got almost every hog she went for. Max and I watched from 20 feet away. The hog slowly came out, its tail flipping back and forth as it knew something wasn't right. I wish I had had my camera because I'm sure this won't happen again. The hog slowly worked its way towards Zeetie and soon they were touching noses. I couldn't believe it. Four seconds of this. Zeetie was bursting but stayed still. The hog then backed away, Zeetie went for it but the hog was down the hole in a split second. Wow. It was amazing to watch.

Zeetie and Max were invited to dinner, as well as us, this weekend. They met Abbie with whom Zeetz hit it off right away. Max wasn't so sure so he hung out in the house with us.

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