16 March, 2011

Blossoming Max

This little guy is a real treasure. After his, along with his four companions, 24-hour flight from Lebanon, an appearance on A-Channel, adjusting to Canadian weather, a new home and, a lot of sleep, his personality is beginning to emerge.

He and Zeetie didn't hit it off at all in the beginning. I had Ruben for the day and he and Zeetz were a charm together. I spoke to his foster about doing an exchange which she understandably would rather not do because Ruben fit in so well at her's. As I was asking her, Max initiated the cutest play tatics with Zeetie. No need for an exchange now. Max must have understood. Joelle at BETA had said Max would fit Zeetie's needs the best and she was right.

He and Zeetie now carry on like little kids, leaping on and off the furniture in their play. Not for too long though as Max doesn't have much stamina yet but it's quickly building.

Max loves his humans although he is nervous around young children. When he is trying to tell us something such as I don't want to go on another long walk, he jumps up but he is ever so gentle. We do discourage it, of course. He is quickly learning to sit. I still have to work on downs but it won't take long. His recall, so far, is perfect. His leash walking needs work but that, too, will come. He is skittish around loud noises still. You should have seen him with his frazzled look when the news was on and there was gun fire in the background. He looked stunned.

At about 10:30 last evening, Max came to life and seems to have dialed into life in Canada. He came bouncing upstairs so he ended up with two walks because we thought he needed to go. Well, no, he just wanted to goof around he was feeling so good. Wow, he sure has a voice we discovered. Between he and Zeetie, I wouldn't want to be an intruder. Strangely, Max would hear Don move around on the couch and this would set him off plus other sounds we couldn't hear, hence Zeetie, as well, so it took time before everyone settled.

He's not sure about some dogs and does not like having his bum sniffed. He seems to prefer nose to nose greetings instead. This might work well in training Zeetie with other dogs as Max does not appear to have any fear, so far.

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