12 March, 2011

They're Home


Simon taking a much needed rest.
It was a successful trip! The dogs were all safe and sound on arrival.

We didn't get too lost on the road trip using the GPS. It only put us off track once. We eventually got to the airport with only one narrow escape. I almost shoved a guy off the bridge but we're good now. The van was a nice ride and held the dogs wonderfully. Simon saved the day on several occasions on things like finding the gas tank and getting the hatch open. He was our photographer and support. Jennifer was a joy to have on the trip.

We arrived at the aiport for 17h00. The flight would not be in until 18h10 so we went shopping for something Canadian for the dogs and came up with postcards with ribbon through them. Using Simon's little tool, we made holes and strung ribbon through them. Unfortunately, the dogs never came to wear them.

Sylvie joined us, thankfully. She is one of the founders of BETA and has since moved back to Canada. She was there to meet Mona, also a founder, who was bringing the six dogs. The sixth dog was one Sylvie took. Sylvie was able to keep in contact with Mona to follow her progress through Customs. They didn't come through until about 20h30. Because they had Lebanese passports, it took them much longer to come through. Two crates had broken during the journey. Mercy and the other little dog were allowed to travel on the aircraft. The dogs were a little freaked but were fine other than that.

Mona, her travelling companion, and the dogs had been travelling for 24 hours. Mona made this trip just to bring these angels. It was such a bittersweet journey for her as she bid farewell to them, tears in her eyes.

Our trip back finally became quiet as the dogs all settled in. Mercy took a liking to Simon and rode home on his lap. Max on a lap and the other three worked it out on the beds of the floor of my brother's van. Ruben allowed time to give me kisses before he succumbed to his weariness.

Time was spent on the ride fielding calls, in coordination with Jennifer, from owners who wanted to unload their dogs, foster dogs who required vet attention, people interested in dogs, and blackberry messages. We arrived back home close to midnight. One foster was a no show but we ended up finding the perfect foster for her. Some things are just for the best. Everyone on that trip and those who were waiting for us on our return had to reschedule their lives around this event. That's the nature of the beast. They are there because they support the dog rescue, they want to help in anyway they can, they are so happy to be a part of it, and they are dedicated to saving dogs. What is so nice, is that everyone went with the flow, no matter what happened, which made everyone's lives so much easier and pleasant. Tatti also ended up with the perfect foster!

On our arrival home, the house was lit up as the ladies sat with Don having tea (can you believe it, no wine in the house!), two of them since 21h30. Don was a star. A photographer brought out her equipment to take photos. One grumpy neighbour came out to complain that they were trying to sleep and we were making a lot of noise. The first time since we've lived there and it was for a good cause so I'm not too concerned. We shall apologize later.

See Simon's photos on the right hand side.

You can really see why she is aptly named Kangaroo.

A couple of shots from this morning's walk. His ears are great.


Mel Battison said...

Awesome!! I saw you ladies on the A channel morning news link that Jennifer posted, and it was fantastic. I didn't know it was you until Jennifer told me. So nice to put a face to the name!

How are Max and Zeetie getting along?

Donna said...

I have Roo and Reuben at the house, too, after that spot, until owners can take their dogs.

Reuben and Zeetie got along great. I thought maybe an exchange was in order as Max showed no interest in playing with Zeetie. So, I spoke to Christine (foster for Reuben) to see about an exchange when, all of a sudden, Max initiated play with Zeetie. It was the cutest thing. Needless to say, between Christine not wanting to exchange for good reason and Max being interested in play, they get along great!!

Roo is just the sweetest thing!!

Roz was really good. She speaks so succinctly and the dogs are so good, Mel.