15 December, 2010

Let it Snow for Zeetie

Zeetz just loves the snow it. I'm making her a dog snow house in the backyard until I get a dog house. She jumps, leaps and digs through the snow. She hunts for voles at the park.

We went to the cottage to get a tree. We picked out a sad looking tree in amongst others. Last year we cut the top off a tree in order that the tree could continue growing. Trickster and Zeetz had a blast in the winter wonderland.

I let Zeetz out one morning. I don't know the time frame but when I went to leave the house, it happens to all of us, the gate was ajar. I called her as I walked to the end of the driveway. I looked left, called, looked right, called and there she was, trotting towards me from the end of the street down the sidewalk. As she approached, I could see she wasn't sure if she should come or not. She literally hid behind a car on the street, peering out from behind it at me. I laughed and squatted down, telling her what a good girl she was and 'here, Zeetie'. She bounced around the car and came running with a big smile on her face. Good girl, Zeetz.

We found a foam yellow ball that sat outside the fence. Zeetie had fun trying to get it. She takes it as a real challenge. My little munch is in need of a full-time play buddy. She is so energetic and loves to play and Trickster just isn't game.

The draft blog entry started in which I was so overjoyed with Zeetie. That she had been incredible and there had been no incidents at the dog park for a week. That she had gained this great confidence and no longer attacked dogs in that park. I guess I also gained a greater confidence in her until last week. I let her off-leash as we entered the park. Next thing I knew, from a distance, I saw she had a yellow lab pinned down. I ran over, to grab her and apologize profusely but the man was already screaming at Zeetz and trying to wack her with his ball thrower. I was about to apologize as I took Zeetz away and he also held Zeetz. He looked me in the eyes as I stared back, and he commanded me to 'put your dog on a leash now'. I looked at him and I was hoping that they portrayed what I felt towards him. I only said 'yes' as I took Zeetie away, off leash, of course. Once out of sight, I put her back on leash. She had a set back as she growled at dogs she knew on that walk.

Thing is, I know that guy, a realtor. He was the realtor for our house and also tried to sell the townhome. I already knew he was a hothead from our dealings with him.

People in the park always wonder why I leash her as their dogs approach. I tell them and they just say 'no worries, they are dogs, let them work it out' and they have. I always say not everyone is as understanding nor has the same dog knowledge that they have. They think I'm crazy to keep her leashed.

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