17 November, 2010

More Tails

Zeetie did a bunny runner one morning. I saw her once as she zig zagged her way along a narrow, dark trail, in total concentration with nose glued to the ground. I followed after her but soon lost her. I headed home, jumped into the car and drove up and down the two streets I knew she would use to get home. On the second round, she was heading down the middle of the street towards home and zipped onto the sidewalk as she heard the car. She stopped in her tracks as she recognized the engine. In she hopped, a very happy girl.

The little stories keep coming, of course. I did my jaunt to the grocery store and decided to bring Zeetz with me for the ride. She always enjoys the car, now. The only difference is she didn't have Trickster to keep her company. She likes to hang out with him. I picked up a few things at the big store and was heading to the cash. The PA came on. 'Would the customer with a white dog named Zeetie please come to customer service'. Oh, my eyes rolled. Off I went. A cashier was headed up the aisle with Zeetz in hand. Zeetz had squeezed herself through the car window in her gymnastic mouse-like way, worked her way through traffic and into the store through the automatic doors. Customers in the store didn't seem upset but instead, had a smile on their faces as they watched me lead Zeetie back out to the car. My little mouse.

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