08 November, 2010

A Miracle

I used the usual technique of praise, cutting a nail a week, and treats. Well, being a Pyr, I could give her a roast of beef but that wasn't enough to entice her to put up with nail cutting/grinding.

I have always tried to trim her nails without Don's help but inevitably, she pulled her paws away. After nine months of 'squirming' with Zeetie to get her nails trimmed, and always postponing the trim because it was unpleasant for both of us, a miracle happened.

Saturday, November 6th, the miracle took place. I was so excited but quietly excited. Zeetie let me do all of her nails with no 'squirming' and no Don holding her. She was kissed endlessly and rewarded well she was, my little mushroom. As you can see from the photo, she has very hairy pads. Perhaps, I will now be able to trim those with the clippers.

She has been amazing in so many things in the listening department, for the most part. Persistency and consistency has paid off. When she barks at the gate at other dogs, I just tell her to go lie down and she does with a grumble as she lies down. If she barks at the window, I look outside, tell her it's okay and to go lie down, and she does. We are still working on her issue with other dogs. It's coming along but I still need to get her to listen to me in that program.

I have known for a long while that she won't actually hurt another dog but does what she does out of fear away from her property and out of guarding her home area. I've come to dislike leashes sometimes. Then there are the dogs that just don't connect with her and vice versa. That's life.

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Maud said...

So there is still hope for us :-)