01 November, 2010

Tobes is Home

As expected, Toby is fitting in extremely well with his new family. He was anxious the first night. At one point, he was pacing from side to side of the bed. It wasn't long before he was invited onto the bed and he fell fast asleep. We did our job well.

He has met the big bunny who is dog-friendly. However, Tobes thought trying to hump this little guy was most rewarding. They are working on breaking that habit!

He even breezed through Hallowe'en. He greeted all the kids with tail wags and some with kisses.

His toe is healing quickly now. I'm guessing this is because he isn't playing with Zeetie for hours on end and putting 95 pounds of weight onto it.

Soon, he will be staying at their parents' house and hanging out with their Retriever while his family is at work.

I am so happy for Tobes and his family is so excited about having him join them.

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