30 October, 2010

Until We Meet Again Tobe Tobes Toblerone

We arrived back from taking Toblerone to his new forever home last evening. Zeetie picked up the rubber rings with which she played with Tobes, pulled herself up onto the bed, lay down with a sigh and rested her chin on the rings. I woke up in tears this morning. No thump of Tobes' tail on the wall. We miss him.

With our sadness, we also know Tobes is in the perfect home. He has a big house with a big backyard, lots of new toys and his old orange squeaky toy, beds, bones, good food, fresh water and most of all, lots of love. Tobes knew what was up as he followed us closely to the front door as we were about to take our leave. I had them distract him into another room but he's not stupid. I followed them and then did an about face and left. It won't be easy for him for a bit but he'll be okay. Once he knows that is his new home, he'll be his goofy and sweet self, again.

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