24 October, 2010

Zeetz and Toblerone at Play

Note: The November 19th fundraising for wine tasting is being postponed until the spring. I'll keep you posted on new details at a later date.

Toby has met his new family to be and they fit Toby's every requirement. Don has really wanted to keep Toblerone but three dogs in a canoe doesn't work. I know Tobes will be extremely happy in his new home. His new people are very excited about him and can't wait until he gets there. He might be sad for a bit but it won't be long before he figures out the routine and that he is a well-loved boy who won't be shifted around anymore. In the short-term, it will be nice to get the bouncing bean out for exercise. His foot hasn't mended as quickly as we expected but here's hoping he will be given the thumbs up by the vet on Wednesday.

We will miss him and maybe even more so, Zeetz will miss him.

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