16 October, 2010

Update on Toby

Here is a photo of our beautiful companions.

We've been having some trouble with Toby's toe getting wet and now an infection has set in. He is on antibiotics and back on the road to recovery. Poor guy has skin allergies and they especially irritate him in the folds of his neck. I now clean his neck with a special soap, rinse and dry him off.

He is comfortable in our house now and doesn't feel like he has to follow us everywhere. Zeetie still enjoys his company although Toby is not feeling up to playing as he shouldn't be. The antibiotics are wearing him down. That being said, he'll be as good as new soon.

We are organizing a fundraiser wine tasting and appreciation evening on Friday, November 19th with Rod Phillips, columnist with the Citizen and occasional panelist on the CBC. www.rodphillipsonwine.com/. We are also having veterinarian Dr. Ann McEwan speak on homeopathy for dogs. Watch this space for more details to come and mark that date in your calendar.

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