21 December, 2010

A Little Chaos for Christmas

Lying next to me is Tobytoo, our second foster dog, who arrived this evening. Zeetie loves him already (don't get me wrong, she can still be a bitch with him). He is five years old and a retreiver/lab mix. He was going to be euthanized and a rescue stepped up. The owners didn't want to look after him anymore. If only parents could do that with their kids.

He loves to play with humans and other dogs. He lacks muscle tone right now but with some exercise, he'll be fine in no time. I think he's pooped already from all the running around he did with Zeetz.

I started clipping his nails and took a half inch off the ones I did cut. We're taking him him to self-groom him tonight. He smells like disinfectant or something. He gets neutered on Tuesday. A lot going on for this guy. He's a little depressed at the moment but he'll come around.

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MA said...

A very Merry Christmas for Toby (two). Donna and Don - you two are awesome!