12 August, 2010

Leash Aggression and Her Own Cart

Zeetie's blog is slowing down as she becomes a better dog each day. She is adjusting to her walks with Erin on Wednesdays. This is a photo Erin took as her dog, Cinder, used Zeetie as a booster seat after a very tiring first day for Zeetz. Zeetz is supposed to ride in the back but she was out of her element with all new dogs in the back.

I'll be working on Constructional Aggression Treatment with Zeetie next Thursday at the Forever Friends Dog Training School with Cheryl Smith. Zeetie shows aggression towards dogs on leashes, dogs who walk around 'her' streets and she barks at dogs from behind her fence. Although with treats, she is fine once I work with her for about 30 seconds. I'm not able to do this with every dog. Lynn suggested Cheryl Smith, amongst others, as she can provide decoy dogs. I'm looking forward to this training with her.

We finally had Zeetie pulling the cart. However, Don noticed I had her hooked up incorrectly. She was pulling from the shafts (aluminum bars) rather than from the traces (leather straps). No wonder she was having an awkward time of moving forward. It would, of course, be of benefit to have an experienced person to show me how to do it properly but I don't have that luxury so it's trial and error. We have the cart adjusted for her next outing.

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