26 July, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

Thank you for setting me straight, Lynn H. We now confine Zeetie to the kitchen/mudroom areas at night time where she has access to her crate and water. Otherwise, she keeps us up with her roaming about and me having to get up everytime I think I hear her chewing.

Her beautiful Dogworks.com cart came. I have been reintroducing Zeetie to the harness and this week, I will have her pull something behind her. Before you know it, she will be pulling her cart.

On this past long weekend, Zeetie found another spot under the cottage where she could overlook the lake.

As you can see, Zeetie has taken well to the canoe. It is always a bonus to have a mentor dog like Trickster. She even jumps in and out of the motor boat like him now, too.

She had a great weekend of running in the bush and playing. She has also been wading into the lake, especially when she is really hot, and going for a swim. She didn't get much sleep and by our Sunday dinner, she was barking stupidly while we ate. I'd had it and just very, very firmly said 'that's enough, Zeetie'. It's all in the tone of voice. Didn't have another peep out of her while she slept until the dishes were done.

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