21 July, 2010

Zeetie on Trial with Dog Walker

Zeetie enjoys the farm as much as Clara used to.

Zeetie is on trial with a dog walker. I thought it would be good for Zeetz to hang out with someone different, someone to whom she is not yet attached. Zeetie would be exposed to a different area of the city and even more different dogs. Her name is Erin and she is excellent. She came to meet Zeetie and me with black portfolio in hand in which she took notes. She is extremely well-organized. The big bonus is that she understands Zeetie because she, too, has a rescue dog. He is a husky from Iqualuit who acts the same way on leash. Zeetie met him and they got along well.

Zeetie is becoming such a good dog except for her puppy habits. We still have a problem with chewing and she just ruined another pair of cycling shoes and she ate some of Don's hiking boot last night. She also made a leap up on the counter to grab some rolls. I have some work to do on that with her. I finally rolled up the good rug (with the Zeetie imprint) and put it away until such time as deemed appropriate. My little mushroom.

My harness came thanks to June Ward. I just await my cart and Zeetie and I are in business.

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