14 July, 2010

Walking with Zeetie

I discovered that I had been avoiding dog parks because of the incident. That is no good.

We went walking in a part of the Farm where Zeetie could run. Unfortunately, many people seemed to be out with some dogs loose and some dogs on leash. I become uptight so Zeetie stayed on leash. We walked in the opposite direction. We came to the groundhog field where we usually let Zeetie hunt but I was fretting because I saw a couple walking their lab across the field. They just stood there while their dog hunted. Don tried to convince me it would be okay. The dog was off leash. Even then, I was afraid to let her go.

He convinced me to let her go. I stayed about 75 feet away while Don was with her. When I saw Zeetie meet the dog, she barked at him. I think that was more out of being unsure of him because he is a 110 lb boy. Then all was fine. I moved back in to the group. Zeetie and Brin hunted together. As for Trickster, he just wanted to hump Brin.

It turns out we met these people last year when we had Ben. Their dog, Brin, was just a pup then.

I talked myself into going to the dog park again, letting her off leash when I knew it was clear and I could get her if required. Nerve endings in all parts of my body were at attention.

We were leaving the park when a woman approached with three little dogs on leashes. I tried to stay away and told her my dog wasn't good with dogs on leashes. She immediately dropped the leashes. Then she queried 'Donna?'. It was a woman who had been my riding coach over 30 years ago.

Who else would have simply dropped the leashes of her dogs. Only Gale. Zeetie was fine with the little ones. I then walked around with Gale. For once, I met up with good dog people who didn't have a problem with Zeetie. Their attitude was 'Ssshhh Zeetie, you're being silly'. We came up to two big dogs on leash. I have met the owner another time elsewhere. Zeetie started barking and growling and then settled down and all was fine. 'Look at me' didn't work in this case.

We went to Sue's. I think Zeetie was overheated because there were chewies and toys and Zeetie did nothing when anyone came near these items. She was a star for that day. She has been great with the 'go lie down' when she starts barking, too. I'm just amazed at how she is listening. Okay, so we're still working on the 'here's.

Right now, those two are downstairs after an exhausting beautiful day at the cottage. Trickster went crazy running around and encouraged Zeetie to chase him. That is his favourite thing. I then started throwing a stick in the water. Zeetie would go in after it and come out and run around with it. I kept throwing the stick a little further each time and eventually she got deep enough to swim and seemed to enjoy it.

I became comfortable enough to let Zeetie go loose but I kept an eye on her. So I thought. I heard some dogs barking down the way and immediately went in search of my little runaway. There she was, sitting on a hillside a short way down the road. She was watching four dogs barking at her from their property. I just went and got her.

It was a good week.

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