09 July, 2010

Zeetie's Accomplishments This Week

Her idea of accomplishments:

Caught one non-dog savvy grey squirrel. She had it in her mouth after dropping it a few times. When I got to her, after a few 'leave its' she dropped it and I had to hang on to her tightly. That now dog-savvy squirrel was gone before it hit the ground.

Chewed out another shoe of mine but I had wanted to throw them out anyway.

Started chewing on the nice rug due to lack of shoes. That is the most expensive item she has chewn to-date.

Uprooted the Japanese Maple planted a month ago. I thought someone had come in and neatly pulled it up and broken the young trunk while we were away. Don pointed out the chew marks on the tiny trunk. I think she did it Friday and we hadn't noticed.

My idea of her accomplishments:

Came at a trot twice in one walk from a distance of about 15 feet after less than one minute of thought.

Ignored another dog. We were enjoying the breeze before the impending rain in the middle of the street with neighbours when another neighbour came by with her little dog. I saw her coming from a distance and took our little mushroom up the driveway. As she approached, I worked with Zeetie on 'looking at me'. When the lady arrived and was chatting with the group, I slowly moved closer all the while having Zeetie 'look at me'. We got back into the group and were about five feet away from the other dog and that was enough. Eventually, Zeetie was lying down. She is, in fact, becoming better about other dogs with consistent 'look at me' training!

Got into the boat each time this weekend although she had to be bribed each time. No canoeing this weekend because it was too hot for them.

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