30 June, 2010

On the Water

I vent to Sue now and again. I threatened to put Zeetie back out on the street because she was being so obnoxious to other dogs and neighbours. One must have their bad days to enjoy the good days. We have more good than bad so I shouldn't complain. I've gone back to 'look at me' training for Zeetie and that works better for Zeetie when dogs pass by.

Finally, I started 'on the mat' training last evening. She did very well. I got her to the point of me saying 'on the mat' and pointing. She did it once and then started playing with a stick and running around. She is a smart cookie and it won't be long before I get it from her.

Last evening, at midnight or some hour like that, she was sprawled out underneath the bed chomping on lamp wires. I dragged her out (she likes that part) and we slept in the other room. Did I mention my Birkenstock she ate?

At the cottage, right into the canoe she went, again, with some bribery. We just hung out like that for awhile and then I had her get out. I don't think she's quite ready for a ride just yet.

As you can see, we got her back into the little boat with some coaxing. She didn't seem terribly interested in getting out so we went for a little ride. This time, she appeared relaxed, picking up on what Trickster did such as climbing over the seats to another position, sniffing the air, and, the boat seats were just the right height on which to sit for her. She seemed quite at ease. Trickster loves all this training.

I have to keep her on a line at all times as she will wander. She also seems to think people shouldn't be on their properties. This comes from going up there when no one was around so she could roam free. This is the first weekend people were at their cottages so she was being vigilant.

We were at my parents' cottage and she was great. Lots of people were there including my tall brothers and nephews. She had no problem with anyone. Do note that anytime she has been there, there have been lots of people so she has come to expect it and has accepted everyone, so far.

This is unlike at the cottage we're in where visitors are few and far between and she feels it is her place to guard. Well, those are all my theories for what they're worth.

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