27 June, 2010

She steaked it out.

Don and I were both upstairs. Dinner time was nearing and I went back downstairs. Don came down and looked at the counter and then at me. 'What happened to the steak?'. Yes, I'm sure you'll all been there. There was the undisturbed meat paper on the counter in which the steak had been sitting in its herbs and spices. 'Didn't you put it on the barbeque', I asked. Zeetie helped herself without disturbing the paper and, of course, Trickster didn't even get a morsel. Poor little fella. Sausages for us.

At the cottage on the weekend, with hamburger, we coaxed Zeetie into the little motorboat. I knew that I should have then had her get out and leave it until the next day. Instead, we went off for a short, slow ride. We couldn't get her back into the boat after that.

In the morning, we took Trickster for a paddle in the canoe along the shoreline while Zeetie ran along the shore. No one was up so bothering anyone wasn't an issue. We came to a part where the water became gradually deeper instead of a dropoff. Zeetie waded in and ended up swimming towards us, no problem. We paddled back to the shore and out she climbed from the water. We have a swimmer!!

When we arrived back at the dock, I brought out the hamburger and sat alone in the canoe while Zeetie sat on the dock. Eventually, she put her two front paws in the canoe to get the burger. That was enough for me until next time. Good girl.

Zeetie spent some time sniffing the spot Clara had spent so many hours perfecting for her naps but stayed away from it. Instead, Zeetie has found her own sleeping area under the cottage. Before she settled down, she spent some time determined to either get to something dead or she had cornered a squirrel. She finally gave up and slept.

Hanging out on the porch after a busy weekend at the cottage.

I've been thinking about the last incident with Zeetie going after the dog. Note that the other dog was off leash but that still doesn't make it okay. What bothered me most was that I didn't have control of Zeetie. What bothered me next was how hysterical this girl was. During and after the incident, this girl kept yelling at me that 'she is dangerous in my professional opinion'. She was absolutely hysterical and kept Zeetie on the ground as she kept yelling 'no' at her and yelling at me. We figured out that her professional opinion came from her being a professional dog walker.

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