17 June, 2010

First Skunk

A dog who hasn't had the taste of skunk isn't a dog who has had the pleasure of running in the bush. I went to find out what was taking Zeetie so long on a morning walk and there she was, sliding along, head first and bum in the air. She then stood up, her eyes little slits as she tried to open them, trying to blink the offending spray away. Down she went again, sliding along. Oh, yes, definite fragrance of skunk.

Home we went. Dish detergent, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide used to fix Clara. It didn't seem to fix Zeets but then I just did her face, thinking that was the only part of her that was sprayed. I was wrong. Don came out full barrels with two cans of tomato juice and apparently it, in fact, does work. We have a pink dog now with a vague hint of skunk permeating from her.

What a difference a day or two makes in training especially with Cher's great help and my previous training with Lynn!

I'm pretty excited. After our first day of having her sit to go out the door, end of driveway, crossing Scott (busy) Street, before getting into the car, and having to wait 10 to 15 minutes (at least it seemed that long) for her to decide to do it each time, today, I barely moved my hand and she sat to have the leash put on. I then had her stay until I said 'release'. I forgot to sit her at end of driveway so it took a little longer to get the sit at Scott but only a couple of minutes. After that, I asked for sits at every curb. I got a sit everytime right away and a stay until I released her. I think she figured out that we weren't going anywhere until she sat. I'm so happy and I think she actually is, too.

Trickster is so different in that he is eager to please for those treats. Zeetie, not so much although she likes the treats especially if they are 'good' treats. That's a bonus. I give her tons of praise.

I've been working on the doorbell, she barks. While she is barking, I say speak, then she stops barking and I say speak, she thinks about it for a second while looking at me, and then barks, I say leave it, and we go into the kitchen for a treat. She seems to quit barking when I say leave it now and she comes right in for a treat. Wow.

I'm still working on having her go to the mat but haven't done too much yet.

I'm so encouraged by the sits, I know we can get the comes although more of a challenge. Stays seem to be pretty easy for dogs or at least it was for Clara and it is for Zeetie.

Her scratching has calmed down now with the antihistamines.

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