11 June, 2010

See Zeetie Share

Zeetz was fussing about me dremelling her nails. She finally went on her back and I trimmed them all down in short order.

If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. Here is Zeeters sharing. She just decided that Trickster was her best buddy for awhile.

It was not a good Friday. Zeetz left her play with Gus to take off after and harrass a little black dog walking by her owner's side. It was very distressing for the owner and me. I've been in touch with Cher who knows her best and who enlightened me. Apparently, she is guarding us.
Cher: As deprived as she was as a puppy, you are far more valuable to her and she more attached and needy, than a normally reared dog would be. She is resource guarding, she is doing also what her instincts DRIVE her to do. You can't kill an instinct. You can CHANNEL it.
Cher explained to me that we walk the same perimeter or so every day and as a Pyr, she is coming to learn, for her, that she must protect that area. This isn't what I wanted. She is also becoming vocal at visitors in the house. She used to love up everyone she met but she now knows we belong to her so she is more aloof, mostly, unless it's someone she knows. Then she goes into mushy mode. She still loves kids and puts on a huge smile and wags of her tail when she sees them, hoping to give them kisses. I have my homework cut out for me and Don and I am hoping, with Lynn's help.

She went to Dr. Murray's last afternoon to see why she was scooting and scratching everywhere. Her right ear was a mess. I'm told she has environmental allergies (ragweed, grass, etc.). He never likes to put an animal on Prednizone but this is what will fix her problem for now. Also, giving her omega 3 oils which I was already giving her. Plus, an ointment to clear her ear. The huge bonus was her glands were fine so she was scooting because she was itchy. If the scratching continues after a few weeks, then I can give her an antihistamine or, put her on vet dog food. I will be interested to see the ingredients of the 'vet stablizer' food compared to what she is on now before I make that decision.

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Maud said...

Thank you for your nice words on Noors Switzerland album.
Her behaviour reminds me of Lot. They say that rescue dogs can get overprotected when they finally find a home where they decide they want to stay for good. I always thought that it was a compliment when Lot was a bit overprotecting. But of course you don't want the other dog to be harmed.
Ziti looks so sweet. She has a cute face and is doing well I think.
What it that you use to cut the nails? It seems so less scary than clippers.