01 May, 2010

How to Greet People and Her First Hog

Friday, 30. April

Life goes on with Zeetie. One night on our nightly before bedtime walk, I parted ways with Don and Zeetie to visit a neighbour. A half hour later, I returned home. Well, I think she slid down the stairs on her bum because she couldn't get to me fast enough. When she finally did get to me, I'm pretty sure she leapt into my body, full force and wrapped all four legs around me. Geez. Since I left the routine walk, I guess she wasn't sure if I would be coming back home.

MA's by-law man came through on acquiring more pills to get Lady. She emailed him to follow-up on her last phone message to him re the squirrels getting the pills. He did get back to her saying he was, in his words, 'trying to pick myself up from the floor and get my breath back from my insane fit of laughter'. Think positive thoughts on catching the lovely Pyr this weekend.

Saturday, 1. May

It's a warm day today.

I wasn't sure what we would do in today's lesson nor did Lynn but it came to me, sort of, last afternoon when Zeetie went running to a little boy with me running after her because it only spells a slight disaster if she knocks him over. I had spoken with the mom before and Zeetz knew the little boy. The mom is great and has not worried if Zeetz knocks him over. However, I figured we really needed to work on this greeting of children or anyone. And, that is what we did today.

I should have figured it out before because that is how I was constantly working with Ben and Mr. Lou. Clicking and treating him for any good behaviours. I think the picture is a little different with Zeetie because she wants to love everyone and with Ben, there was the possibility of him eating everyone. We had a great lesson and what I enjoyed about it was that we even went out onto the sidewalk and it resembled how we are in real life. Trickster joined the lesson for a short while. That is, until Zeetie started playing with him so Trickster went back out to the garden and we recommenced.

We see anyone or dogs on the street and she gets treats as long as she is quiet and doesn't pull. We walk up to someone, giving her treats. The person can pet her as long as she is quiet. Give person treats to give to her and today, it went well. It was so easy with Lynn coaching. I'm looking forward to using what we learned on our walks. Right now, Zeetie is passed out. It really seemed to tire her today.

I've run into a glitch with training. What do you do if the dog isn't interested in the treats? That usually happens after she eats dinner so she isn't even interested. Trickster is going to get really fat with this Zeetie training.

Still no Lady. It seems the pills given to MA by the vet were not the right ones after an emergency call to another vet when an 18 year old dog managed to eat those pills. The old dog is fine. A tranq gun came back into conversation. She has to be darted the first time, otherwise, the noise of it will scare her so much, she won't be back for a long time. Catching a feral dog is no easy task, I am learning.

We took them to the Farm where Zeetz and Trickster had a great time, as always. You wouldn't know Trickster was sore by the way he ran. He barreled after Zeetz like he used to do with Clara, trying to stop her by jumping on her.

Zeetz had her first groundhog encounter. She started out running on a scent almost like it was a fox trail because of the way she zig zagged. She finally came face to face with a groundhog. What it was doing so far away from home, I do not know. She barked and managed to grab it once. We stepped in because Zeetie isn't the hunter that Clara was. Clara would have killed that hog with one shake to the neck. Zeetie may acquire the skills. Maybe one day, but not yet. We saved that hog and he went running home.

NOTE: Marsha is now in her new home after tears of saddness to see her go but tears of happiness that she has found a wonderful new home. That is all four NGPR dogs MA and Sue brought to Canada to be fostered with them who have now been rehomed through incredible team work. Excellent work you two. I know it certainly hasn't always been easy but you saved four more dogs when you took these four.

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