25 April, 2010

Trying to Catch Lady

Lady is a year old Pyr whom MA rescued from a farmer who was having financial problems. The rest of his livestock Pyrs were in great shape but Lady was chained up for all of her young life and had puppies at 8 months old. MA took her to her campground where she was looked after by staff. One day, she got away and for the last three months, endless attempts have been made to bring her in.

Zeetz and I went up to MA's campground to help in another attempt at bringing Lady in. This was my first time trying and MA has tried countless ideas but all to no avail and this weekend was no exception.

MA took Zeetz with her on Friday night to lure Lady in. When they came into a vicinity in which Lady was, Zeetz growled as she heard something. That scared Lady off as she is very submissive.

Saturday morning, we put out the drugs for Lady. MA sat inside on watch for 3 hours but no Lady. At one point, she went out to check the bowl and the drugs were gone. A few expletives were let go that day. It wasn't Lady who took those but probably a squirrel that snuck in there. One dead squirrel we couldn't find and Lady still on the loose.

Lady comes out at night and sometimes in the morning to eat the food that has been left for her. MA feels her when she has arrived in the area. She goes out and talks to her. Lady hangs around for a bit in what MA feels is desperation to want to come close but Lady just can't do it. She has had no socialization. By-law's next attempt will be a tranquilizer gun.

Zeetie had a great time. She chased smells and squirrels, ran through the river and ripped up all MAs dogs' toys. She was a very good girl and her comes were pretty good as were her stays. She was a very tired girl by the time we got home Saturday night.

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