21 April, 2010

Who Ate Roger Rabbit?

Wednesday, 21. April

I always think that there are flukes with my dogs who listen when I really don't expect they will. This morning, Zeetie was ripping around with a red dog who is faster than lighting and who spins around on a dime.

Zeetie kept up with her for a bit but then started to cut her off and stop her from running because Zeetie wanted her to play with her. Red dog doesn't play, only runs. Finally, the owner called her dog and off they went. Zeetz started to follow and I called her 'Zeetie, here'. She stopped instantly, looked at the other dog leaving and came to me. Weird. My thinking is that she decided that dog wasn't going to play with her, anyway, so why not come for the treat.

She came to me on a few other calls on the walk. However, not all of them. Some smells were much more important. I'll take what she gave me, though.

As for her stay, it is pretty darn good. I think she knows more than I thought or she is just gifted. Stay during distractions will be more difficult, of course.

And, my whole Zeetie wonder world was destroyed tonight. She wolfed down what appeared to be almost a whole dead rabbit. I couldn't get near her until the last foot (or ear?) disapyred. Angel, the rat terrier, ran over but knew enough not to get too close to Zeetz. Once Zeetz was leashed and we were out of the bush, I let Zeetz off and she proceeded to go after Angel and wouldn't let up snarling at her. This is a dog she has played with before. I put her on leash for the rest of the walk. And, as bedtime approaches, she still hasn't barfed up the rabbit like Clara always did. I hope she doesn't keep me up all night.

Thursday, 22. April

My Sweetiezeetie has had no side affects, yet, from Rogerdeadrabbit. I didn't feed her last night, because, really, I thought bunny would be enough but she ate her left over breakfast last night and two cups of food this morning. Poop was normal this morning. If this rabbit doesn't give her diarrhoea, I'll be amazed. Perhaps the fur lining of the bunny helps digestion? Or, was it Don's new belt that she followed it with in the wee hours this morning.

Where did Roger Rabbit go? She gets diarrhoea from eating a little raw meat but not the bunny? It turns out our little girl is as perky as ever today.

Friday, 23. April

What a card. I was waiting for her by the church this morning at the end of our walk. I called her when I saw her around the corner and I knew she would come. She came and I asked for a sit. She looked to her left, saw the obvious opportunity and carefully parked her butt on the low stone wall.

UPDATE: Marsha goes to her new home May 1st. She will live on a farm with horses and in the company of other dogs. Lynn's assessment went well. Marsha passed but I didn't doubt that. She is a guard dog and a combination of two guardian breeds. Like any rescue dog, she needs time to adjust to her new home and get to know her new people and surroundings. Sue will have a hard time saying goodbye even if Marsha loves the 600 thread count sheets. She really is a lovely girl.

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