17 April, 2010

She is such a good girl.

As long as we pay attention to Zeetz, no matter how, this makes her a very happy girl. She keeps on making us laugh, Sue.

She also talks back when she has just had enough.

Saturday, 17. April

We had Trickster this weekend, and we were thrilled. Zeetz was pretty happy to see him, too.

Today's lesson was better because Lynn has figured out what works best for Zeetie. Our sessions have to be much shorter or Zeetie seems to lose interest. Today, we worked on sit and stay. Lynn is teaching me how to use all my resources. For instance, Zeetz loves to play before bed so, in order for her to get the toy and play, she has to do as I ask. She started to get annoyed with having to wait for the toy the second time and complained with barks but she finally sat and stayed. Good girl, Zeetz! I really think she knows more than she is letting on.

Sunday, 18. April

There were windows to wash and laundry to do but with the sun shining, we headed to the cottage. Zeetie was very, very busy. She didn't stop. Trickster, on the other hand, enjoyed sitting back and taking in the beautiful day with us with an occasional dip in the water for a drink.

Zeetz sat quietly waiting for the otter to show itself again.

She found a lot of stinky things to roll in and, of course, she needed to be bathed on arrival home but she sure had a good time. Here, she is practising her break-dancing. I'd forgotten how white Zeetz could be. In fact, I had been thinking she wasn't a true white. Believe me. She is very white now and her red highlights come out really nicely. I didn't realize how filthy she had been.

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