10 April, 2010

Up to the Cottage

Friday, 7. April

I heard Zeetz chewing something on the floor at midnight. Pyrs are noctural due to their guarding instincts. Clara always put a paw in my face to wake me up for a snuggle at these crazy times. Well, maybe Zeetz will graduate to that at midnights. I put that expensive little rug she had been chewing under the bed so she couldn't get it. Yes, Don noticed it this morning, reminding me that 'my' dog had chewn it.

Saturday, 10. April

My lesson today was okay. I shouldn't have taken Zeetz for that usual long walk this morning which I failed to mention to Lynn. We got a couple of interested comes from her but she soon was bored/tired, it seems. I think she was tired. Training her sure isn't like training Trickster but I knew that. I'll just take her for a block walk next week before the lesson.

I got to see Trickster today. Don went up the cottage with him and they raked leaves. Every new pile Don raked, Trickster got into it and lay down. I've put a slideshow of a few photos I took of him a few years ago in a pile of leaves.

My bubble was burst today as it was pointed out to me that Zeetie isn't pure Pyr because she doesn't have the characteristic that so endears me to the Pyr and that is, she is not aloof. How could I have forgotten that?! That is one thing she certainly is not. I know how I forgot. I was looking for a Pyr who wasn't dangerous and Zeetie fit the bill. She looked mostly like a Pyr and was very sweet. The bonus on this is, so far, she can be off-leash. Her comes or 'heres' are coming along.

Sunday, 11. April

We all headed to the cottage today, except for Trickster. That was very sad. We took away the leaves Don and Trickster had raked up the day before. Zeetz had an excellent time touring the area. She never stopped. Yes, she should sleep well tonight.

I gave Zeetz a meat bone when we arrived home. As time passed, Don suggested I take it away from her because I would have to eventually. I hadn't thought about it but he was referring to the fact it may be a problem (Ben). I wasn't really worried but I took out a trade for her, just in case. She dropped the bone, and took what I gave her.

Monday, 12. April

On our run this morning, Zeetz discovered bits of a dead seagull. I saw her making a grab for it. She stood and looked at me, bird bits hanging out of mouth. I said 'Hey, Zeetz'. I walked over quickly and she ran away in a small circle. I said her name again and held out my hand with the only treats I had, Charlie Bears. She was trying to figure out how to get the treats without dropping the bird wing and, in the end, dropped it. I gave her the treats and put the leash on. Much, much praise. She became excited and wanted to play with the leash so, her wish was my command. We played. That was her other reward for dropping the bird wing.

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