06 April, 2010

Zeetie is a Star

Tuesday, 6. April

We walked to the sports store yesterday so I could get a replacement part for my bike. Little Zeetz was great. She had been in the store before so she was a little more comfortable. She took treats from me and while we waited for my part, she sat, I treated her and then she lay down and I treated her. She calmly waited until I was done.

The neighbours went by with their adopted children after dinner. I only mention that they are adopted because the parents are very compassionate people and have always understood our love for our dogs, aggressive or not. Their rescue dog recently passed away. Zeetz was in heaven. She cleaned the children's faces and they kept wanting her to keep doing it. The smallest one kept screaming in excitement. Zeetz did her usual belly up, waiting for tummy rubs. She only attempted one jump up but was very good the rest of the time and kept all four feet on the ground, well, except when they were in the air, little slapper.

Last night, I realized something had been missing from our daily evening ritual for a few nights now and that is the squeaking toys and the stair run. Our little Zeetz has been so busy that she hasn't had the energy to play at night. Although, I was reminded that she still chews as I put on a sock with a big hole in it this morning.

We haven't had Trickster for almost a month now. We miss him a lot. He has been otherwise occupied at his other home. We are hoping we get to see him on weekends again, soon.

Wednesday, 7. April

Trickster was x-rayed today because he is limping much more noticeably now. The vet had suggested on a previous visit it was mild arthritis and it turns out he has arthritis in his right shoulder. Poor little fella. We picked him up from the vets. As groggy as he was, he was still thrilled to see us. When we left him at his home, it broke our hearts to leave him behind.

Zeetie has been consistently scratching her ears and her stomach. I can't see anything there. Don feels perhaps it's somehow left over from her mange days. Well, the more reading I do on vaccinations and how adversely affected our pets can become from them, perhaps Zeetie is suffering a reaction from the shots she had. I can't find any other explanation. She gets flax seed oil once a day. Someone else might say it's her food but all our dogs did well on Fromms. I'll look into other types of foods although no processed dog food can possibly really be good for our dogs.I'll check ingredients on other brands in comparison to Fromms. Barring that, I'll start making her food.

Zeetz' training is going great. She walks well beside me and pays attention to me. Click and treat. Good girl, Zeetz!! I also click and treat on our walks as she pays attention to me. She is doing so well. I've started having her sit at home and she does it now. Yippppeee!! It's getting her up from the sit to go forward that I have to work on. It dawned on me at breakfast that a little luring should do the trick.

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