21 March, 2010

New Adventures

Sunday, 21. March

We went for a walk into some new bush for Zeetie. I used to take Clara here all the time where she loved to chase deer and kill groundhogs. Trickster used to hunt with Clara. Trickster finally got his chance one day. He barrelled after that hog but as soon as his nose touched its bum, he stopped and backed off. He tried again with another hog and this time, as he closed in, he almost ran backwards so he wouldn't make contact. Trickster's hunting day is over because he is a lover not a fighter.

Today, Don and I saw white-tailed deer but Zeetie was otherwise occupied in a grove of birch. I don't know if she has seen deer before but after it took off upon seeing us, Zeetie picked up the scent pretty quickly and off she went at full-filt. We haven't seen any groundhogs, yet. Don feels Zeetz wouldn't kill one. She is so gentle. But, German Shepherds will kill them, won't they?

She ventured into some deeper waters as her curiousity was stretched by the chorus of sound coming from a seemingly endless number of Peepers. She stood, head cocked first one side and then the other. As she waded towards the sound, it stopped and continued on the other side of the stream/pond. She headed back, and of course, the sound stopped on that side.

When we returned home, she passed out almost instantly she was so exhausted from her new adventure.

I'm reluctant to reveal this but I've started running with Zeetz. I've only started to run again and for maybe 20 minutes before work. I've always thought it cruel to make dogs who aren't high energy run because they weren't built to keep up that pace for such a stretch of time. The less energetic breeds shouldn't be made to do this activity.

Zeetz has been pretty energetic about her runs in the bush so I feel okay about this. Once the warmer weather hits and my runs increase in distance, I won't take her with me. I let her off-leash and she stops for sniffs on her own and barrels up to catch me. So far, it has worked well. She still runs after squirrels and rabbits during runs. I just hope we don't meet up with a skunk!!

Update on Zeeties anal glands: I took her in Friday, 12th of March. Dr. Murray expressed her glands again, one being worse than the other. He said if she was still scooting, licking by Monday to bring her in again. He would give her a localized antibiotic. Well, she did lick and scoot a little after that but didn't do it over the weekend. I was going to take her in today but cancelled it because she didn't do anything on the weekend. We're keeping an eye on it.

Tuesday, 23. March

I put my socks on this morning that were on the floor last night. One of them felt really wet. I felt it and realized there was a huge hole in it. I guess coolness on the skin can also emulate being wet. So, that's what Zeetz was chewing on at midnight.

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