17 March, 2010

Our Amazing Girl

Tuesday, 9. March

Zeetie must have been exhausted last night because she curled right up and went to sleep. No stairs nor toys. I had taken her for a 45 minute walk in the morning, as usual. The difference in yesterday was that Don took her into the office where she was very good. She lay under Don's desk at his feet but everytime something seemed different to her in the rest of the office, out she went to check it out. She also played with the other dog. She only stayed there for two hours because it was so hot.

Don then took her to the Farm for a walk. When I got home, I took her for her 45 minute walk at the puppy walk and then we took her to Hampton Park for a run there. To top it off, I slept in until 06h30 this morning because she didn't wake me up. We all must have been very tired. A very busy day for a little girl.

Thursday, 18. March

Today at work, Don had to close his office door and keep Zeetie in because apparently, she was bothering everyone. I can't imagine her doing that.

One of the girls said Zeetie nipped her. I don't think so. Zeetie is very oral and loves to take your hand in her mouth. People may frown upon this but she is very gentle about it and she is expressive this way. One of the fellows likes Zeetie and this comes from a guy who was afraid of Ben and expressed this to Don who promptly stopped taking Ben in. That was before we really knew how bad Ben was. At least he knows a good dog when he meets her. Zeetie only had an hour at the office and then home she went.

Saturday, 20. March

It appears she loves the water. At least, she loves to barrel through it, twisting and turning, scooting her nose along and getting pretty filthy. It'll be great if she likes swimming. Time will tell as summer approaches and we head up to the cottage.

Don has determined that Zeetie might be part German Shepherd. There is something about her back legs, he said. Maybe a white Shepherd? Wasn't it Miley Cyrus or someone like that who had a German Shepherd that looked like a Pyr? I'm pretty sure you can see it, too, right Lynn? If she is upside down and her ears fall back, kind of, but they'd have to be a lot longer. Yes, Don, I definitely see the Shepherd : ) She showed her Pyrness today after she had been running around for awhile and became tired. She wouldn't come to me but rather followed another group with their dogs. I had to go get her. She had been so good until then.

As I've mentioned before, Zeetz loves to park her butt anywhere available as shown in a couple of photos. She also loves to be on her back, the little slapper. Most Pyrs do. What is so cool, is that whenever we get ready to go out, she noses the door open to her cage and in she goes and lies down. We're not used to such a cooperative dog. She is pretty incredible.

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