24 March, 2010

Water and Play

Wednesday, 24. March

The little bitch took off on a scent this morning as we ran towards home. She was in the thick of the bush so I couldn't even follow her. I had a good workout as I ran around the other side of the houses to see if she had run through onto the street. No. She wasn't there. I ran back and sprinted up further to see if she had run further up. No. I sprinted back and out she finally came with her prize of what looked to be like a mess of bones/feathers or fur in the mouth. Good girl, Zeetz. Ha, ha, ha she laughed at me as she took off at a faster sprint. I kept trying to get near her but she was faster.

I got up to the narrower exit where I figured I could get her but she had since lain down to snack on her disgusting find. I went back to her and she took off again. I sprinted beside her and finally was able to get her in the parking lot of the church. She surrendered. Good girl, Zeetz!!

When she got home, up she leapt into the bed and put her face in Don's. Ooooh, lucky Don.

Sunday, 28. March

Zeetie decided to find out what the pawprint embossing was at the bottom of her water dish the other evening. I still don't think she knows but she appeared to have fun pawing out most of the water onto the floor. The poor hardwood.

On this lazy, coolish Sunday, Zeetz and I packed up and headed for Sue's . Zeetie gets to play with her good friends until they all drop and I get to visit with Sue. Sue has this crazy notion that if she makes me a most incredible pie, that only then will I clip nails or groom. She gets the raw end of the deal in my eyes. I was very lazy and I only clipped Marsha and Skye this time.

From the photos, it may look as though Marsha and Zeetz are going to destroy each other. It also sounded that way. They just play hard. Note that the white fluff on the ground is not unmelted snow but, of course, stuffing from long destroyed toys.

After a morning of hard play, Zeetie couldn't manage much more than getting into Trickster's bed. I would guess that Sue's dogs slept pretty well today, too.

UPDATES: On a great note, Tristan and Isolde have gone to their new home. MA is sad, of course, but this is what being a foster is about and she knows that. It's still tough to see them go after she has worked with them for so long. Marsha is going to be assessed by Lynn this weekend to see how she will react to people at the door without her pack.

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