11 March, 2010

All in a day or two

The little monkey was tired last night and didn't get into chasing after her toys. However, I woke up at some point and she had eaten through Don's belt which he had left on the bed along with his other clothes. I'm sounding like MA and all the goods her puppies eat through except MA has double the amount that is destroyed and some much more valuable.

She was up bright and early at about 05h00 and was chewing a hole through the blank on the bed. I gave her her groundhog to distract her. That was short-lived as I woke up to some odd chewing. She was in the book room eating Don's wallet and sock. I'm not sure where he had left his wallet but it was obviously where she could get it.

Today, Don has threatened a solution to Zeetie's chewing as he found her chewing our rug. He warned her that it just means a trip down Richmond Road and we have much practice in doing away with dogs. Zeetie just sat down and looked at him, listening intently.

Trickster boy is a star. We passed his basic obedience although Lynn told me he is between basic and advanced namely because we do it without a leash. Lynn is so generous with her praise even though we weren't even near perfect. It always gives me motivation to continue with training. I kept clicking and treating for every sit and lie down when I really know I shouldn't have. We had gone beyond that in training sessions yet there I was, trying to do it right when I did know better. Lynn is so patient as she explained to me afterwards why I shouldn't keep clicking and treating for stuff he already knows. And this, I already knew but must have been stressed and forgot all. Maybe one day, we'll do advanced. I also now know that to train a dog to eliminate on command, you simply give them some sort of command about 30 seconds before you know they'll do it, then treat them and soon they learn how to do it on command.

Sue made the Zeetz some new toys. Yah! I insisted that they not be stuffed because I am constantly picking up the stuffing. How boring is that? Sue made her a stuffed star which she loves. She has already ripped him open but I quickly sewed him back up. She also loves the long roll, lolling around on her back with the it hanging from her mouth, the occasional squeak emanates from him. The unstuffed bear lies alone, untouched. Until last night, when the novelty of the star wore off and she found her bear.

And what can I say about Sue's amazing cinnamon buns. Awesome and mouth watering. If she is trying to keep me going back to help her with her dogs, she doesn't have to do that but, man, it sure is a bonus. She also sent a whack of them home with me.

On arriving at Sue's, we let Zeetie right into the house and Skye and Marsha didn't seem too happy. I think there were just too many dogs in a small space. Zeetie ended up playing with Skye outside where they easily became dirty.

I've been working on comes with Zeetz when we're outside. Today, she was amazing. I was walking along, lost in my thoughts as I do so often when no other human is around. I then quickly turned to see where she was and there she would be, running towards me. I then say 'come, Zeetie' and then when she gets to me, I say 'yes' and give her a treat. Then the last few times when she was behind me a ways, sniffing about, I called her, I could see her thinking and then over she trotted. 'YES' and treats. Wow, she was so good and lots of pats.

We were at my mom's, too. Zeetz likes to literally park her butt on anything within butt height. She amused us by trying to park her butt on mom's chair. She succeeded to some degree but it was just a little high and she appeared to be trying to look very blasé about how easy it was and how elegant she was trying to look.

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Maud said...

She sounds like a very happy dog. The stuffed (and not stuffed anymore) toys are very familiair to me.
I am glad that you are all doing so well.