09 March, 2010

Zeetie and Friends

I started biking to work today so I have started to take Zeetz for a longer morning walk down the puppy walk. On our way back today, she came barrelling up to me with something in her mouth. At a distance, it looked like it could be a half a frozen bunny, no wait, was it a chunk of frozen clothing, no, ah, it looks like a plastic water bottle. No. Even better, she was bringing me a bag of frozen dog poo she had found on her excursion. She was very pleased with herself, it seemed.

The whole time she was coming to me, I kept telling her what a good girl she was. She let me have it, lucky me, and I gave her a treat in return.

You can't yell at a dog when they are doing what we perceive to be something wrong or why would they come to you. Naturally, that is usually easier said than done as they attempt to wolf down something gross. On last afternoon's walk, she found a dead mouse. Yuck. I managed to get to her and get her away from it after many times of her trying to swallow it. I hate spring at times like that.

I'm finding out that she really is a Pyr. When I click, I don't get a response as she walks freely beside me. After two or three seconds, she turns her head slowly toward me, looking for the treat. Unlike Trickster who hears the clicker from fifty yards away and comes galloping up even though the click was meant for Zeetie who is right next to me.

I took some photos of Tanner and Zeetz playing at the puppy walk and then Maggie the Great Dane came along. The little fellow, the dachshund, Fritz, is fifteen years old, tottering along while the bigger guys showed a determined interest.

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