24 February, 2010

She Just Gets Better

The little Sweetiezeetie met Lego and that went well. She also met a Bernese and a Lab-type. Big dogs and there were no problems. At the office, she played with Lego but we had to stop that because barking and growling became too much for the client meeting going on in the boardroom.

Then, the play started again and Zeetie became snarly because Lego snarled at her for putting a leg on her back. They'll work it out. Trickster wanted to be in the little pack. It was pretty cute.

I then took Twickster and Zeetz to the puppywalk where I succumbed to Zeetz bursts of energy and let her rip. She ran in circles and went crazy. Trickster wanted to run but he likes to be chased so that didn't work very well. Zeetz will chase but Trickster hasn't figured it out yet.

She has now met the Pointer, Amadeus, and they played for sometime. Unfortunately, taking my bigger camera with me is too cumbersome on these snowy, wet walks so the little pocket one did the trick.

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