27 February, 2010

Good Dogs

Friday, 26, February, 2010

I was attempting to shovel the heavy slush out of the driveway and not doing a bad a job. Zeetz was sitting quietly behind the iron bars, watching. She was being just so good how could I not I let her out to be with me. She came down to sniff around while I continued to push slush across the flooded street. She then headed across to the neighbours to investigate the driveway and up onto their porch. I went across to bring her back. Back she came and sniffed around the driveway and then into the garage. I can't believe her. She is so incredibly good.

I am well aware she is a Pyr and this non-disapyr behaviour may not last but I am certainly enjoying it while it is here.

Last night, we worked our way to Tunney's Pasture in the falling heavy wet snow where I let her off. She ran off in such joy, galloping in circles. We went down to the river where the snow was wet and deep. She played and ran. She was up bright and early the next morning, dancing around and squeaking her toys. This little girl does not get much sleep.

Today, we went to the Farm. She isn't happy about getting into the car, but she will willingly jump in. She foams and saliva spills out of her mouth during the trip. Once we land and she is out of the car, she has diarrhoea. Poor girl. She and Trickster had a great time, of course. Sometimes. Until Trickster has had enough of her and has to keep gnashing his teeth at her before she finally gets the message to stop.

I have been doing obedience classes with Trickster. Lynn Hyndman is such a good teacher. She is patient and always generous with praise and encouragement. Today, we worked on heel. Trickster had to come to me, sit in front of me, wait until I gave the heel command at which point he walked around me to the right and then sat on my left side. He was incredible and picked it up in no time. I messed up at one point where Trickster wasn't sure, he came around and sat out in front of me instead of beside me and I treated him for that. Wrong. The next two heels, he did the same thing so Lynn fixed it and we continued.

As for Zeetz, I'm just working on the clicker and treats.

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