21 February, 2010

She is a Bitch

On meeting new dogs who intimidate her, Zeetz will growl/snarl nastily out of fear.

I took her to meet a dog day care and, of course, upon meeting the two big dogs, she growled. We simply took the dogs for a walk about and then she was fine with them. This lady had two cats and Zeetz was fine with them. They just lay on their respective beds or walked about and Zeetz just sniffed them and watched them. She was very cute.

Last night, we went to Renée's with Trickster and Zeetz. She growled at Toby, the big beautiful black lab, and then we went on a walk about. Then they were fine. Once inside, she became comfortable enough to take any toy including his and claim them as her own.

At one point, she was chewing on a Trickster toy groundhog then left it to go into the kitchen. When she came back, there was Toby chewing on this groundhog. Well, she gave him what appeared to be quite a look, snarled at him and snatched that toy right back and gave him a look as she walked away with that toy in her mouth. What a bitch!

The rest of the time, she was as good as gold. She really is well-behaved and Renée has said she'll take her anytime.

We just returned from a wonderful walk. We were down at the 'puppy walk' in hopes of meeting up with some dogs but there was no one until Zeetee spotted a big white English Sheepdog type. She barked, I think, in fear. As this crazy two-year old approached, she watched. He came up and they sniffed and no growls. Yaahhhh. Then they both sort of wandered away, ignored each other and then Zeetee went crazy. I had to let the lead go and they both tore through the bush, Tanner in pursuit of Zeetz. Zeetz ran like the wind while Tanner kept taking short cuts to catch up with her. They stopped occasionally for a lie down and a mouthful of snow.

They both ran their hearts out for a long time. I am so happy she found a play friend and many more to come, I hope. And, she came when I called her. She is happily exhausted.

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