18 February, 2010

My little Monkeymeringue

Heads up whenever there is silence in the house and the dog is not within visible range.
I know everyone's dogs are smart and Zeetz is our smart girl. I think if she were human, she would be a non-stop chatty little girl asking questions all the time and always busy. I love her much better as a Pyr.

Her bedtime ritual is to get into trouble downstairs. I then bring her upstairs. She goes back down to get a toy and runs back upstairs and leaps full tilt onto the bed, squeaking like crazy. I throw the toy into the other room, she leaps after it and full tilt again onto the bed. This ritual continues until she passes out on the bed.

She had her second visit to the office today. She is starting to feel comfortable there. Trickster was already there so she was very excited to see him and was pretty nice to him. In fact, she was a little submissive to him at the beginning.

She has no problem going up the office stairs but going down, she doesn't like it so Don is back to carrying her down. New stairs. She'll be okay.

We met up with some neighbour's kids and she loves them. This girl only gets better. Of course, I have to keep her from knocking them over but this is such great news.

She is still scooting. Not as much, that we see, but she hasn't stopped, really, since her last visit to Dr. Murray. She isn't scooting as much but I'll have to have things checked out.

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